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General Limousine Management GmbH

P.O. Box 2117
8060 Zürich-Airport, Switzerland
+41 (0) 848 007 007,
General Limousine Management GmbH
General Limousine Management GmbH

During your journey through our website you will find signs and symbols of ancient Egyptian civilisation.


Already over 7'000 years back in time, the ancient Egyptians laid the cornerstone of a cultural world empire. Humanity is fascinated by the magic of ancient Egypt to this very day. The works of the Classical arts, the very origin of our Western thinking, were guided and shaped by the ancient Egyptian culture.


At GLM, we too are fascinated by these tremendous, everlasting, and sometimes also mysterious accomplishments. The quality, the uniqueness and especially the exactness of the old Egyptians inspire and guide us daily. 


Explore GLM - The Art of Limousine Service!


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