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General Limousine Management GmbH

P.O. Box 2117
8060 Zürich-Airport, Switzerland
+41 (0) 848 007 007,
General Limousine Management GmbH
General Limousine Management GmbH

Follow the trail of Phileas Fogg. We can offer you an exclusive private experience on-board a hot air balloon. Of course, your journey does not have to take you around the world in 80 days.

A romantic ride over Lake Zurich with a picnic basket and some bubbles on-board would surely be a nice surprise! Do you know the international hot air balloon festival of Château-d'Oex near Gstaad? A gathering of over 100 hot air balloons!

Contact our team - we will gladly offer you some suggestions.

Hot Air Balloon 1
Hot Air Balloon