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General Limousine Management GmbH

P.O. Box 2117
8060 Zürich-Airport, Switzerland
+41 (0) 848 007 007,
General Limousine Management GmbH
General Limousine Management GmbH

Our coaches, all in neutral colours and without any advertising, are ideal for bringing larger groups of passengers safely, reliably and in comfort to their destination.

Our modern 50-seater coaches are distinguished by a high-quality interior and 5-star single seats. There are various features available on board - a modern entertainment system as well as a PA system (microphone) for guides are already installed.

With restrooms on-board and a coffee galley, passengers can travel also long distances and international routes in comfort.

Business Coach 50 PAX Exterior 1
Business Coach - 50 PAX



Hand Luggage




Smartphone Chargers

Amenity Kit

24/7 Assistance