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General Limousine Management GmbH

P.O. Box 2117
8060 Zürich-Airport, Switzerland
+41 (0) 848 007 007,
General Limousine Management GmbH
General Limousine Management GmbH

Zurich - the unofficial capital of Switzerland! Vibrant and pulsating - here you can find the epicentre of social and business life. The largest city in Switzerland, nestled directly along Lake Zurich, is internationally well-known as a financial business hub. All around the Paradeplatz you can find the headquarters of the largest Swiss banks. The picturesque old part of the town invites you to stay a bit longer - you can explore a large number of sights in Zurich. Stroll along the Bahnhofstrasse - the well-known luxury shopping street - and you will find all of the world’s most renowned brands.


Explore Lake Zurich on a half- or full-day trip - you can reach Rapperswil, the city of roses, in just around half an hour. Cross the lake with a ferryboat and visit the headquarters of Lindt & Sprüngli, with the world’s largest chocolate fountain. Take a the look at the main office of FIFA and enjoy the vast number of gastronomic choices in town. 


GLM offers a comprehensive limousine service in Zurich. Transfers, sightseeing (with or without a guide), days trips, shopping tours or business roadshows - contact us for a personal offer.


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Highlights - Zurich
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